Posting & Processing Times

Job Posting Requirements

Instructional Track:

  • 7 days posting time.

Clinical Track:

  • 7 days posting time.

Research Track:

  • 7 days posting time.

LEO Lecturers:

  • 7 days posting time.

Clinical Lecturer, Adjunct, Visiting Appointments:

  • No posting is required.

Note: It's strongly recommend that if the department expects to appoint a Clinical Lecturer to an Instructional, Research, or Clinical Track position in the future, the position should be posted. Clinical Lecturers are required to compete in a search for these positions. They are not automatically appointed to them.

Waiver of Posting and Advertising

In the rare event that only one candidate will be considered and there's no reason to notify others of the available position, departments may obtain a waiver of posting from the University's Affirmative Action Office. Request a waiver through the Office of Faculty Affairs.

Legitimate reasons for waivers may include:

  • Spousal recruitment.
  • Expertise in a limited field.
  • Appointment to a program to which they applied for (such as the Biomedical Sciences Scholars Program).
  • Only candidate for whom the appointment would be possible (e.g. University acquires a physician's practice).

Processing Time for Packets

Because appointment packets require multiple levels of review, be sure to submit a candidate's appointment packet well in advance of his or her proposed start date. Packets need to be submitted to the Office of Faculty Affairs via M-ACE in the following timeframe:

Clinical Lecturer 
Research Investigator
Clinical Instructor
30 days prior to proposed start date
Assistant Professor
Research Assistant Professor
Clinical Assistant Professor
60 days prior to proposed start date
Associate Professor
Research Associate Professor
Research Professor
Associate Research Scientist
Research Scientist
Clinical Associate Professor
Clinical Professor
90 days prior to proposed start date