Recruiting Guidelines

The faculty recruitment process is completed in the M-RECRUIT application. You will upload all documents into that application. Once all the information is complete, the appointment can be imported into M-ACE for the next steps.

Recruitment Steps in M-RECRUIT

EIS: The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)/Request to Fill a Position (RFP) are completed, submitted and reviewed/approved within the M-RECRUIT application.

Job Postings: For positions that require posting, the Job Requisition (posting) is then completed, submitted and reviewed/approved in Wolverine Access via e-Recruit. The Office of Faculty Affairs will then input the Job Requisition number and posting date in the M-RECRUIT application.

Appointment Activity Record: This U-M HR form will be uploaded in M-RECRUIT, and is required for most ranks. M-RECRUIT will tell you if you need to upload this form for the rank you're appointing. The form is available on the HR website.

Offer Letter vs. Letter of Intent: Depending on the faculty rank, either an offer letter or a letter of intent is required for all faculty recruitment. For those ranks in which the letter of intent is done during the recruitment process, a final offer is completed and given to the candidate once the appointment has been approved by central campus administration (i.e. the President, etc.).

Joint Appointments: For all joint appointments at the assistant professor, associate professor and professor ranks in which both appointments will be funded, a Memorandum of Understanding for Joint Appointments is required by the Office of the Provost. An MOU is not required for 0% (dry) joint appointments. Information and templates can be found online →

Research MOU: For all appointments at the research investigator, research assistant professor and assistant research scientist ranks, a Research MOU is required by the Office for Research. Go to the Research Track page for details →

Other Payments: For all offers that include other types of payments that don’t have associated effort (such as signing bonus, educational loan repayment assistance, contribution to a 401(K), deferred compensation, etc.) will also require that a Provost Justification Memo be uploaded into M-RECRUIT with the draft offer. The Provost Justification Memo is an explanation/justification for the payment(s) and must include a statement of the value proposition of the faculty member to the department, full justification and reason for payment, and the department financial impact. Sample Provost Justification Memo →

Pre-Hire Process: All faculty candidates are required to complete the Pre-Hire Process. M-RECRUIT will require answers to a series of questions, which will then determine the pieces of the Pre-Hire Process required to be completed. (For example, a clinical lecturer going to an Assistant Professor title will not need to complete another background check.)

Authorization, Immunity and Release Form: M-RECRUIT will notify the faculty candidate, via email, to complete the Authorization, Release and Immunity form. This form is completed within the M-RECRUIT application.