Supplemental titles are used for special faculty appointments that fall outside the standard categories.

Supplemental appointments are made under the same criteria as appointments in the regular tracks. For example, the criteria for a Visiting or Adjunct Associate Professor are the same as for an Associate Professor in the Instructional Track. The recommendation packet has the same documents, and the approval procedure is the same.

No Appointment Activity Record (AAR) is required for any supplemental appointment.

Supplemental Titles

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Other Supplemental Titles


An honorary title received upon retirement (for all tracks with appointment at the rank of assistant professor or higher at the time of retirement) given by the Regents on recommendation of the School. An “active status” appointment may be requested for retirees who wish to continue their clinical, research, or service activities. An active appointment is necessary if the retiree requires clinical privileges, receives payment for clinical services or teaching, or continues to be formally involved in research grant activity.

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