Tenure & Time in Rank Policies

The goal of tenure in the Medical School and of all senior-level appointments is to guarantee a robust, diverse, and fully vested senior academic community.

These scholars must not be lookalikes, each adhering to a specific profile. While in any academic community, many scholars will be somewhat conventional in profile — with several dozen papers, independent grant funding, a distinct area of scholarly focus, and an excellent educator’s portfolio — some will be unconventional.

These unconventional scholars may have more vague areas of focus or maverick ideas with little peer appeal, or they may be vital members of a scholarly team.

If they offer strong instructional value, unique skills, critical interdisciplinary contribution, provocative collegiality, special organizational service, and the chance of an unexpected scholarly home run, then they need to be included within our ranks.

Timelines for Ascension in Rank


Research Investigator
Assistant Research Scientist
Research Assistant Professor
Instructional Assistant Professor (non-tenured)

Time in Rank / Tenure Probationary Period

4 years
6 years
10 years maximum; 7th year review
10 years maximum; 6th or 7th year review


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