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Rudi Ansbacher Women in Academic Medicine Leadership Scholars Program

Faculty Development is excited to announce the second cohort of the Rudi Ansbacher Women in Academic Medicine Leadership Scholars Program. Many of you are familiar with ELAM, the Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine program offered by Drexel University. Due to the competitive internal and external environment for nominations and awards, we have launched our own program to develop our pipeline of women leaders.

This intensive 18-month leadership development program is designed to accelerate the development of women for senior positions in academic medicine and healthcare. The program will provide leaders with insight about their leadership strengths and opportunities, allowing for greater self-awareness, growth, development, and success.

The program is designed in partnership with U-M Medical School, Linkage, Inc., and the Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

Program Highlights

  • 10 days of immersion workshops over approximately 18 months
  • Executive leadership coaching
  • Action learning, reading, and related assignments
  • Ongoing development planning
  • Exposure to and participation in committees and projects
  • Preparation for future challenges and advancement
  • Entrance to the Leadership Summit for Women in Academic Medicine and Healthcare

The curriculum focuses on developing four fundamental and four differentiating competencies. Each of these competencies is refined through phases: preparing for leadership, transitioning into leadership, sustaining success in leadership, and transitioning again into new leadership positions.

Fundamental Competencies

  • Understanding and navigating complex systems
  • Building and leveraging networks
  • Aligning and driving vision
  • Driving change and innovation

Differentiating Competencies

  • Self-efficacy
  • Political savvy
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Building communities of practice


The nominations for Cohort #3 are now available; the deadline to submit a nomination is March 3, 2017. Click here to submit a nomination.

For questions regarding nominations, please contact Whitney Williams whitnwil@umich.edu.


Faculty Nominees: Applicants must hold the rank of associate or full professor in a medical, dental, or health sciences school, and have had a significant leadership role.

Applicants must be nominated by the dean of their institution, their departmental chair, or the chief executive offer of their academic health center. If the nomination comes from the CEO, please provide a secondary nomination from the school of primary academic appointment. We strongly suggest that each applicant discusses her application with her nominator before applying.

Administrative Nominees: Applicants must hold a significant leadership role (such as senior administrator, CEO, COO, CIO, CMO, etc.) in a medical, dental, nursing, or public health school, or academic hospital/health system, and have had administrative experience in personnel and budget management.

Special consideration will be given to those nominees designated as Emerging Leaders with demonstrated leadership capacity who are in a significant leadership role. Applicants must be nominated by the dean of their institution, their departmental chair, or the chief executive officer of their academic health center.


Once the nominations have closed, selected nominees will receive an invitation to complete a formal application by March 13, 2017.

Program Costs

$10,000 per University of Michigan affiliates and $12,000 per non-University of Michigan affiliates. Tuition includes the cost of materials and meals.

For more information about this program, please contact Whitney Williams in Faculty Development at whitnwil@umich.edu.

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