Year of Learning

The purpose of the Year of Learning is to focus leadership development efforts across our academic medical center on a few select leadership expectations that support current institutional priorities.

Four core leadership expectations have been chosen for the Year of Learning 2017: 

2017 Core Leadership Expectations

Creates a Shared Vision

Michigan Medicine leaders inspire people through building consensus around a compelling vision and shared mission, including strategic clinical, research and educational initiatives. A hallmark of their achievements is in continually learning and innovating – and teaching faculty, staff and students – ways to do better. Leaders see standard work and experimentation as the basis of innovation and creativity.


Michigan Medicine leaders create an atmosphere in which timely and high-quality information, reflecting diverse thinking, flows smoothly. Leaders encourage the open expression of ideas and opinions. Leaders are role models in delivering clear presentations, actively listening and preparing well-written documents.

Leads Innovation and Change

Michigan Medicine leaders catalyze change by recognizing its need, challenging the status quo, energizing stakeholders, and championing experiments to improve. Leaders are strong advocates of change even in the face of opposition and make the compelling argument. They find practical ways to overcome barriers to change through deep knowledge of the way work is done and the root causes of problems. Leaders engage diverse teams in change activities.

Collaborates and Builds Inclusive Relationships 

Michigan Medicine leaders generate an atmosphere of collegiality and are models of respect, helpfulness, and cooperation. They draw others into active, enthusiastic commitment to the collective effort and build spirit and identity. They spend time forging and cementing professional relationships, creating internal and external networks. 

The Leadership Expectation Model provides a snapshot of the core expectations for all Michigan Medicine leaders.

The 70-20-10 Development Approach depicts the recommended balance of informal and formal development opportunities for leaders and staff. This document will communicate to staff the importance of developing themselves outside the classroom. Use it with the 70-20-10 Development Plan to support an employee’s interest in growing their career.

The 70-20-10 Development Plan outlines a process for creating development steps toward your employee’s goal or your own goal. You can see a sample here. Use this form for yourself or with staff during development discussions.  

Elements of Effective Communication identifies critical components for communicating your leadership vision to your team members and other leaders. Reflecting on the questions will help clarify your leadership vision. 

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Year of Learning Offerings 

Michigan Medicine has chosen a selection of featured courses offered across campus for faculty and staff continued professional development. If you have questions about the Year of Learning website, please contact Kate Alber ( For questions regarding individual courses, please contact the respective provider of the course. 

Instructor-led Workshops

Crucial Accountability 
M-Learning: HUMA-20063 

Crucial Conversations  

M-Learning: HUMA-20064


M-Learning: HUMA-20065

Unconscious Bias in Everyday Life

Business Case for Diversity

It IS All About You: Learning about Diversity Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Facilitating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Discussions: The Basic Skills

Change It Up!

Intercultural Awareness 

Think Like An Actor, Present Like a Pro 

(10/19/17 AM) (10/19/17 PM

Leading Successfully

M-Learning: HUMA-20061

Managing Successfully

M-Learning: HUMA-20062 

Essential Skills for Successful Leadership 

(Faculty only)

What's In It For Them: Inspiring Quality Performance From the Bottom Up

Generations X, Y and Beyond: Maximizing Your Team's Success 

Improve Your Coaching Skills

Communication Styles at Work

(M-Learning: SVEX-20065)

Establishing Your Customer Service Vision

(M-Learning: SVEX-20060) 

Giving & Receiving Feedback 

(M-Learning: SVEX-20064) 

Proactive Listening 

(M-Learning: SVEX-10027)


Conferences and Special Presentations 

Michigan Medicine Management Conference 2017 
February 22, 2017

Opening Remarks Powerpoint | Workshop Powerpoint
Video coming soon 

Voices of Staff Change Management Series

Look for special announcements


By Nomination Only


Peer to Peer Learning

On the Job