Scholarly Clinical Portfolio

The Scholarly Clinical Portfolio (SCP)  is required by all faculty on the Clinical Track being put up for promotion.  The Scholarly Clinical Portfolio should include the faculty member's scholarly contributions and should not be an excerpt from the talking points or from the educator's portfolio.  

Being promoted to:

  • Junior Level (Assistant Professor)
    • 1-2 sentences indicating they are junior faculty and still establishing their desired pathway.
  • Senior Level: (Associate and Professor Levels)
    • No more than 1 page in length
      • Written as a narrative outlining the faculty member's scholarly activity and focus.
      • Describe which pathway best fits your accomplishments and goals.  
        • Clinician Scholar
          • If the faculty member's scholarly focus is clinical research - the research portfolio is more applicable.  Add a sentence indicating that their scholarly focus is clinical research which is described in the research portfolio. 
        • Clinician Educator
        • Clinical Patient Safety/Quality Innovator
        • Clinician Leader/Administrator
        • Individualized (2 or more pathways)

An example of a Scholarly Clinical Portfolio would be:

“My scholarly contributions have been mostly in palliative care as that has been the focus of my career. I have been Invited to participate in multiple national efforts to develop and establish quality measures for accountability in value-based palliative and serious illness care models.   My publications are mostly focused on linking quality and spending in serious illness care. Through these publications and national efforts, I have established a national leadership profile in value-based palliative care delivery."   Then elaborate...

Pathway Identification on CV

The Provost has also mandated that all clinical track faculty should identify a pathway.  This should be entered on the CV in the appropriate section called: Clinical Track Scholarly Contributions. Only ONE pathway should be chosen.  If the faculty has a focused pathway, they select that, otherwise, the individualized portfolio should be chosen. A one paragraph narrative should be added under this heading to the CV.  (this is meant for the reference letter writers).