Faculty Track Transfers

Department chairs make a careful match between a new faculty position and one of the Medical School's three faculty tracks: Instructional Track, Research Track, and Clinical Track.

However, a faculty member may need to change tracks as his or her interests, responsibilities, and professional activities change.

These principles apply to faculty track transfers:

  • Track appointment transfers after the initial appointment are not routine.
  • Track appointment transfers are generally made to a corresponding rank. To be considered for promotion in the new track, a faculty member must demonstrate achievement consistent with the promotion criteria for that track. Usually this will not be before 2 to 3 years after the track transfer, unless there are special circumstances.
  • Track transfers should be made early in a faculty member’s appointment at the Medical School. Ideally, a track transfer would happen as part of the third-year review process. In exceptional instances, another time may be appropriate.
  • Track transfers are based on a careful review of demonstrated changes in a faculty member's career needs and interests.
  • Track transfers must be approved by the Executive Committee and the Provost.

How to Transfer

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