How to Transfer

Transfer From: Instructional to Clinical or Research; Research to Clinical 

These track transfers are usually discussed during a faculty member’s third-year review. As the Affirmative Action requirements are met at the time of a faculty member’s initial appointment, additional posting or national advertising is not required.


  • Academic job change (e.g. clinical interest or teaching effort have increased).
  • Original track no longer fits the needs of the faculty member or their department.


  • Usually within 12 months of the third-year review.


The Office of Faculty Affairs will need:

  • A letter from the faculty member detailing changes in his or her interests, clinical commitment, research or teaching.
  • A copy of the faculty member's CV.
  • A letter from the department chair explaining the reasons for the track transfer and a career development plan for the new track appointment.
  • Teaching evaluations.

These documents will be reviewed by the Assistant Dean and the Office of Faculty Affairs, and will need to be approved by the Medical School Executive Committee and the Provost.

Transfer From: Clinical or Research Track to Instructional Track

A Clinical or Research Track to Instructional Track recommendation is not a track transfer. It's considered a new appointment.

Positions within the Instructional Track must be posted for 60 days, and a national candidate search must be conducted. Appointments to this track require a formal review of a candidate's credentials and scholarly work by the Advisory Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure and the Medical School Executive Committee. Senior-level appointments must be endorsed by the Provost, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the University President, with final approval by the Board of Regents.

A new appointment packet must be submitted to be considered for a position on the Instructional Track.