Research Portfolio

The Research Portfolio provides an opportunity for faculty candidates to detail their research contributions at U-M. This document is included in packets for appointments and promotions.

This document is especially important to faculty in team or “big” science efforts, where there are multiple contributors across many disciplines — rather than a single PI.

There is no formal template for the Research Portfolio. Team scientists should detail their role and specific contributions. List the team's resulting publications, and describe your role in each publication.

Documenting Team Science

Team scientists may also ask fellow team members to provide letters that attest to their contributions to the project. These letters do not replace the requirement for evaluation letters (Arm’s Length or Non-Arm’s Length), but they do provide critical information in evaluating scientific accomplishments.

Team science reference letters are solicited outside any appointments- or promotions-processing application. Once received, they should be included with the Research Portfolio and uploaded as one PDF document in the application.

Sample Research Portfolios