Faculty Development Workshops: Coping with COVID-19

Small-Group Discussions on Coping with COVID-19

In partnership with Natalie Burns, LMSW, MA, we are offering virtual small group discussion sessions for faculty to talk with one another about a variety of topics.

6/12 | Dual-Frontline Career Families

Grounding Meditation for Troubled Times - Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others

These especially challenging times of crisis and caring for others leaves little room to take care of ourselves. Learning tools to connect to an inner strength can help with perspective and make the day a little calmer. Join Dr. Frank Anderson, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, in a discussion and practice of mindfulness meditation to learn techniques and experience a sense of stillness to “recharge your batteries” and find some peace amid chaos. 

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Cultivating Resilience

The study of resilience, the ability to recover, grow and thrive when coping with challenge or adversity, is a core concept in Positive Psychology. Resilience is universally regarded as an important quality for professionals and is imperative for those working in demanding and high-stress domains. Resilience is teachable, with a focus on concrete skills and practices. This class will introduce participants to principles, tools and exercises to enhance and cultivate resilience.

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