Instructional Track Success


Dr. Kolars leading instruction session

The Instructional Track was the original full-time faculty track in the Medical School with ranks of assistant professor through professor (the instructor title is no longer utilized in this track). This track is governed by Regents Bylaw 5.09 that mandates a tenure clock of eight years. This is the only faculty track for which tenure applies. The Instructional Track duties encompass instruction of medical students, graduate students, residents, and other trainees; scholarly activity that is typically manifested by medical research; organizational contribution to the mission of the Medical School; and in many instances professional work that usually relates to health care.

Major Activities

Scholarship (Research), Professional Activities (Clinical Care), Teaching and Service, here at our institution, regionally, nationally and through international volunteering expanding the role of the university across the world.

Strategies for Success

Success on the instructional track is having a national and even international reputation for scholarship, teaching and service.

Some examples of success are:

  • Associate Professor with tenure.
  • A faculty member that is highly sought-after to serve on panels in their field of expertise.
  • An invited professor at peer institutions.
  • Serving on editorial boards of respected journals.
  • Ad-hoc reviewer of NIH grants.
  • Ability to garner invitations to speak nationally and internationally.
  • Holding a leadership position for a national organization.

Career Development

If promotion is a priority, then focus should be on all areas of the academic promotion process with a balanced portfolio. Fundamental to the success of instructional track faculty is the importance of national presence and reputation.

  • Cultivate relationships in your field.
  • Be active in your professional societies.
  • Meet leaders in your field.
  • Give talks at national meetings and seek opportunities for visiting professorships.
  • Establish connections with leaders in your field.

Faculty on the instructional track have in excess of 25 high-quality peer-reviewed publications in order to be promoted to Associate Professor with tenure. The majority of the publications are first or last authored, and there is a consistent theme to the research. See "Promotion" section below for standards.


The criteria for appointment and promotion will be applied with an emphasis on the impact of the nominee on his or her professional environment. Longevity in a rank or position is not sufficient evidence of accomplishment or merit for promotion to a senior level. Review information on the Promotions Process.