Research Track Success


Shaomeng Wang

The research track began in 1974 and has two pathways: the Research Professor Track and the Research Scientist Track. The research investigator rank lies in the Research Scientist Track. Promotion beyond this rank ascends through the research professor or the research scientist pathway.

Major Activities

Research, teaching and service.

The major activity on this track is scholarly research that results in publications and funding. Other activities include participation in the peer review process including manuscript reviews and grant reviews.

Strategies for Success

Success on the research track is a well-funded, highly-cited researcher that is considered a thought leader in their field of interest.

Some examples of success are:

  • Independent researcher that is well-funded.
  • Highly sought after for research or technical expertise.
  • Peer-reviewed research in high-impact journals.
  • Recognized at the national and international level for their scholarship.

Career Development

If promotion in the Research Professor track is a priority, then focus should be on all areas of the academic promotion process, with an emphasis on a scholarly body of work.

  • Principal Investigator on grants.
  • First and senior authorship on papers.
  • Regional/national reputation in field.
  • Teaching primarily in laboratory setting with developing didactic.

If promotion is desired on the Scientist Track, then other activities listed below can lead to a successful career:

  • Co-Investigator on grants.
  • First and co-authorship on papers.
  • Regional/national reputation in field.
  • Team science approach to research.
  • Teaching primarily in laboratory teaching.


The criteria for appointment and promotion in the Clinical Track will be applied with an emphasis on the impact of the nominee on his or her professional environment. Longevity in a rank or position is not sufficient evidence of accomplishment or merit for promotion to a senior level. Review information on the Promotions Process.