Year of Learning

At its core, leadership development is a continuous process that should be focused, strategic, and embedded in your career at every stage. With that philosophy in mind, the Year of Learning was created to encourage leaders at all levels to focus on their development continually.

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Michigan Medicine Leadership Expectation Model

2017-2018 Core Leadership Expectations 

Collaborates and Builds Inclusive Relationships 

Michigan Medicine leaders generate an atmosphere of collegiality and are models of respect, helpfulness, and cooperation. They draw others into active, enthusiastic commitment to the collective effort and build spirit and identity. They spend time forging and cementing professional relationships, creating internal and external networks. 



Michigan Medicine leaders create an atmosphere in which timely and high-quality information, reflecting diverse thinking, flows smoothly. Leaders encourage the open expression of ideas and opinions. Leaders are role models in delivering clear presentations, actively listening and preparing well-written documents.


Creates a Shared Vision

Michigan Medicine leaders inspire people through building consensus around a compelling vision and shared mission, including strategic clinical, research and educational initiatives. A hallmark of their achievements is in continually learning and innovating – and teaching faculty, staff and students – ways to do better. Leaders see standard work and experimentation as the basis of innovation and creativity.


Leads Innovation and Change

Michigan Medicine leaders catalyze change by recognizing its need, challenging the status quo, energizing stakeholders, and championing experiments to improve. Leaders are strong advocates of change even in the face of opposition and make the compelling argument. They find practical ways to overcome barriers to change through deep knowledge of the way work is done and the root causes of problems. Leaders engage diverse teams in change activities.

70-20-10 Development Model

Leadership Cards

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