Leadership at All Levels Series

Leadership at All Levels Series Returns: “Creating our Desired Michigan Medicine Culture.”
For those of you who remember the original series, it’s back!

The Leadership at All Levels Series is designed to inform and share best practices. Each session will include ideas that you can implement in your work unit. After each session, we will post the powerpoint slides and session for your reference and use.

Session Review – April 11, 2018
Presentation Slides

Our Culture Journey

As part of the 2017 Leadership Day and Leadership Day 2.0, senior leaders were asked to make a commitment to change their behavior/actions in a way that would produce a 1% change in the culture. The 1% commitment needed to be something:

  1. Under their control and did not need permission to implement
  2. Was practical and implementable
  3. Would make a meaningful difference.

In addition, each leader had to ‘teach’ their commitment to another leader.

To continue this work, two of the senior leaders in attendance, presented their commitments, what they’ve done and how it impacted their unit culture.

-        Bobby Hewlett, “Recognizing the accomplishments of my team”

Focused on his meetings, Bobby initiated:

  • … a guideline to exclude electronic devices
  • …a Kudos section to the weekly huddle
  • …handwritten thank you notes

“I started in January of 2018. It was uncomfortable. People were not used to it. Each time, I came in with a list of four to five things to share. Now, we see kudos happening in other ways…through emails, peer-to-peer handwritten notes. Most comments in the meetings come from the team to each other now.”

-        Alfreda Rooks, “The Year of Living Positively”

Alfreda started from a place of wanting to make a positive change that her staff could do at work.  Beginning with her first staff meeting in January, Alfreda

  • …initiated an activity she called routing: “I appreciate - fill in staff member’s name – for….” sheet.  The sheets are routed to the right until everyone has had a chance to write down something about each team member.  (Another option would be for staff to write down 3 things they feel positive about and then pass the sheet to the right.) Alfreda then reads aloud all of the responses, so that everyone can hear the positive comments.
  • …gives each manager a gratitude journal to use as a source of reflection.  Her desire is that they will begin to think of and write down their “challenges” from a place of abundance, rather than on what might be lacking.  It’s a way of looking at problems from a different perspective.
  • …provide each of her sites with a “Gratitude Jar” that sits in a central location so that everyone has access to it. It can be decorated however the staff would like.  Someone in the department can then pull 3 comments from the jar to share at staff meetings.

Two unexpected outcomes that Alfreda shared:  Some staff members are now adopting these behaviors for their personal lives; and the “I appreciate you” activity has brought colleagues together to a place where they agree to collaborate, where they may not have in the past.

As Alfreda shared…”I can light the spark, but it’s up to them to add the fuel.”

Leaders in attendance at the LAL series were asked to make their own commitment, to change a behavior or action that will make a 1% change in the culture.

What is your commitment?