OFA Processing Times

Processing Time for Packets

Appointment packets require multiple levels of review.  Keep in mind first time quality is important when submitting completed appointment packets OFA via M-ACE prior for the appointment packet to proceed throughout the various committees.  Once OFA receives an accurate packet with no further corrections needed, the timeframe for committee approval is indicated below. It is advised to submit a candidate's appointment packet well in advance of his or her proposed start date.

Entry Level Appointments:  30 days prior to proposed start date

  • Clinical Lecturer 
  • Research Investigator
  • Clinical Instructor

Junior Level Appointments:  60 days prior to proposed start date

  • Assistant Professor
  • Research Assistant Professor
  • Clinical Assistant Professor

Senior Level Appointments:  90 days prior to proposed start date

  • Associate Professor
  • Professor
  • Research Associate Professor
  • Research Professor
  • Associate Research Scientist
  • Research Scientist
  • Clinical Associate Professor
  • Clinical Professor