Clinical Track Pathways

Clinical Track Faculty Context and Guiding Principles

The University of Michigan Medical School strives to be one faculty dedicated to our missions using guiding principles of teamwork, integrity, caring and innovation to achieve excellence in all that we do.

Respecting and valuing the contributions of all faculty members is a central cultural value along with recognizing that all contributions are important to achieving our clinical, research and teaching missions.

Every faculty member should have a career development plan and associated mentoring that is reviewed and updated during their annual evaluations.

Promotions should signify that a faculty member has made important contributions to their field and profession. The rigor of the process reflects the strength of the institution.

Promotion criteria should be consistent, with recognized and respected standards (e.g., national contribution and reputation for Clinical Professors, regional contribution and reputation for Clinical Associate Professors).

As a part of the University of Michigan, the Medical School will continue to use a single “clinical track” but will recognize that there are multiple pathways for promotion possible within this track. Pathway identification will serve to facilitate faculty progress towards promotion and may be identified in the promotion materials to assist in the evaluation of the faculty member.

All clinical track appointment and promotions should recognize the achievements of individuals who have demonstrated:

  • Outstanding clinical work; teaching / educational contributions 


  • Contributions to their field or profession in scholarship / academic areas, including the scholarship of:
  • Education
  • Implementation
  • Quality improvement
  • Patient Safety
  • Service contributions will also be recognized

In recognition of the changing nature of scholarship / academic contributions in our tripartite mission in healthcare, the definition of scholarship and the criteria for external validation of contributions to the field or profession have been broadened.