The Medical School uses a specific format for the faculty CV. Faculty joining the school for the first time will need to carefully follow the guidelines and the sample CV to format their vita. 

Faculty already at U-M must use the M-CV application to input information and generate a formatted vita.

Med School CV Guidelines

Getting Proxy Access in M-CV

Department contacts who need access to edit a faculty member's CV using the M-CV application (link is external) should follow these steps:

Request that the faculty member log on to M-CV. Then he or she should:

  • Click Assign Proxy on the top menu.
  • In the Add Proxy box, type in the name of the person who needs access.
  • When the name appears, select it, select Write access and click Save.

The proxy will then be able to log into M-CV to edit that faculty member's CV.

Initial appointment CV Tips

  • Few faculty will use all the categories listed in the sample, but they show the range of information you may present.
  • Post-medical school, all gaps of more than 60 days should be accounted for under the Training or Appointment headings.
  • The CV should not include any personal information (candidate's social security number, date of birth, gender, marital status, spouse's name, children's names or ages, etc.).