Effort Reporting Expectations

Department leadership (Chairs and Chiefs) will be responsible for proactively setting and communicating the amount of research, teaching, clinical, administrative and “other” effort allocated to each faculty member. Faculty expectations should be set each year during the faculty annual review process and if / when a faculty member’s effort changes (e.g., the faculty member receives a new grant or is assigned a new administrative role).

Department leaders may assign the following types of effort:

Research Effort

The amount of externally funded research effort should align with the grants received.

Any additional effort that is not funded by grants should be allocated as “Departmental research”. Department leadership should establish and document the expectations and duration for the departmentally funded research, including the expected productivity (grants submitted, papers approved, etc.).

Teaching Effort

Teaching effort should only be assigned to faculty and staff who are expected to do non-clinical, didactic instruction for students (medical students, graduate students, graduate medical students or other students). The amount of effort should align with the time required to support the didactic education.

Administrative Effort

Department leadership should assign administrative effort to faculty and staff members who have positions with clearly defined job descriptions, performance expectations and agreed upon funding sources. Faculty should understand the type of administrative effort (departmental, GME, medical school, hospital or UMMG / ACU) and the scope and expectations for their assigned role.

Department leadership may choose to assign small amounts of administrative effort for faculty or staff who support departmental, hospital or community service or citizenship. Notably, this effort should be recorded as “Michigan Medicine Service”.

Professional Development

Faculty and staff should all be given a certain amount of effort for professional development. The amount of effort is based on chair discretion.

Contracted Services

Faculty should be given specified amounts of effort if their department or division has a contract for their non-clinical services.


Faculty should be given their expected percentage of clinical effort at non-UM sites (including the VA and PSAs) as well as UM sites (calculated as 1 minus all other types of effort). In addition, faculty should be given their expected clinical time associated with the percentage of effort (number of sessions and/or OR days per week, number of on-call shifts, etc.).