Faculty CV

Faculty CV 

Since 2008, M-CV has been an important tool for our Medical School’s evaluation and promotion process and the management of a commonly formatted CV. M-CV will be read-only effective March 15, 2023, but departments/faculty and proxies will have access to view and print PDFs of M-CVs. 

We have replaced this legacy system with Symplectic Elements which will enhance the usability and automation of maintaining CVs. 


  • An improved user experience  
  • Less manual data entry through integration with HR systems, research, and publication data  
  • Ability to maintain multiple CV formats simultaneously (e.g., UM Med School format) 
  • Ability to add more features and modules in the future 

Faculty candidates joining the medical school for the first time will need to carefully follow the guidelines and the sample CV to format their vita. Information pertaining to new faculty candidates can be found on the last page of the Med School CV Instructions

Med School CV Template


Faculty - New Account

New faculty will receive their Elements account on the Wednesday of the week following their start date.  For instance, if a faculty member starts on August 7th, their access would be available on August 16th.

Faculty - Adding a Delegate 

Guide for adding and managing delegates.

Staff - Obtaining an Elements Account

User accounts have been created for all staff who were listed as active proxies in the MCV application as of July 21, 2022. 

If you will be editing faculty CVs, you will need a User Account in Elements.  

1.  Check to see if you have a user account (https://umich.elements.symplectic.org/)

2.  Request a Delegate Account

3.  Temp Employees:  The method listed above will not work for temporary employees.  If you are a temp employee, please email MExperts-MCV-Delegates-requests@umich.edu to request an account.

4.  Staff:  Acting as a Delegate

Updating Elements with the data migrated from MCV

Several sections with Elements contain new fields which will require small modifications to get the data to appear correctly in the Elements CV report.  The quick guide identifies the subtypes that will need to be addressed.   

  • Locate each subtype marked with an asterisk *
  • Each record within an Elements subtype marked with an asterisk will need to be modified to appear correctly on the CV report. 
    • For instance, Honors/Awards, every entry will need to be opened and new fields will need to be completed. 
    • Journal/Abstract Reviews, every entry will need to be opened and new fields will need to be completed.  

Training Videos

Elements Introduction and Functionality

CV Report

  •  CV Report (3:15)
    • CV Header
    • Generating a CV Report
    • Quick links within CV Report

Teaching Activities

Professional Activities


  • Sources of Truth in Grants (3:50)
    • How to determine a source of truth record vs. manual record
    • How to identify duplicate records and determine which to keep
    • How to remove duplicate records
  • Gifts, pilot grants, VA projects, and institutional/departmental funded grants are the common awards that do not have sources of truth and will always need to be hand entered. The goal is to utilize the sources of truth as much as possible.   
  • Grants (3:10)

Grant Roles

UM Role→Elements CV Output
UM Principal Investigator→Principal Investigator
Multiple PI→Multi-PI
Co-I w/effort→Co-Investigator
Co-I w/o effort→Consultant
Other Non-Faculty investigator→Co-Investigator      

Scholarly Activities

Elements for New Medical School Faculty Workshop

This workshop is designed to be practical and allow participants to learn about the development of their CV in the required Medical School format utilizing Elements, the Medical School's CV software. This is especially helpful to those who plan to go up for promotion in the future.

Please click here to view the upcoming workshop dates and to register.

Elements Office Hours 

The Office of Faculty Affairs will host ‘Elements Office Hours’, which is an optional Q&A session about using Elements (the faculty CV software). These sessions are for those who have questions about how to use the Elements software application.   Please join a session if you have specific ‘how-to’ questions, or simply want to listen to the Q&A.  

August 2023

Elements Office Hours Zoom Link

  • Friday, August 11, 12-1 pm
  • Friday, August 18, 12-1 pm

September 2023

Elements Office Hours Zoom Link

  • Friday, September 22, 12-1 pm

October 2023

Elements Office Hours Zoom Link

  • Friday, October 20, 12-1 pm

November 2023

Elements Office Hours Zoom Link

  • Friday, November 17, 12-1 pm

December 2023 

January 2024

Elements Office Hours Zoom Link

  • Friday, January 19, 12-1 pm

February 2024

Elements Office Hours Zoom Link

  • Friday, February 16, 12-1 pm

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