Faculty Leadership Roles - Administrative Appointments

Leadership opportunities are one of several primary sources of faculty engagement, career satisfaction, and retention.  To support this vital faculty lifecycle aspect, the Medical School has adopted a more robust program for identifying and tracking leadership roles held by faculty.  The reporting made possible by this initiative will provide valuable insight to enable the creation and delivery of faculty development program offerings and will further DE&I efforts.  Additionally, comprehensive faculty leadership roles will help to identify targeted leadership cohort communication.

Faculty Leadership Roles:

  • Accomplish a variety of critical functions and serve to fulfill operational, strategic, and developmental needs
  • Are accessible for all that are qualified and express interest
  • Filled via an open / transparent applicant screening process
  • Candidate selected by those trained in unconscious bias awareness and other cultural and values-based norms and practices
  • Administered with a set of guidelines and best practices

Guidelines and Best Practices: 

Faculty leadership roles will have:

  • Clear, specific job descriptions: title, responsibilities, reporting relationship, effective date, term and renewal detail, protected time and compensation factors (as applicable)
  • Training, mentorship, periodic formal performance review and other resources will be employed to enable success
  • A common set of standard titles for classification; ‘University Long Titles/working titles’ optional
  • Coordinated title assignment program (Office of Faculty Affairs)
  • Centralized tracking (M-Pathways HR database)
  • Orderly succession and off-boarding
  •  Periodic org structure and role review; modified as necessary

See more detail regarding faculty leadership role classification, nomenclature, and administrative workflows here.

See samples here for brief generic job descriptions for new or re-introduced faculty leadership roles. These samples may be used as a starting point to construct a more robust job description for specific individual leadership roles. 

University of Michigan Medical School faculty hold leadership roles throughout Michigan Medicine and in other University of Michigan units. Generally, the academic home department will enter and maintain the standard leadership titles and related effort, compensation, and funding via PAR entry in the M-Pathways HR system.  The academic home department of the faculty member shall coordinate with the leadership role funding unit on matters of additional appointment(s), compensation, and related administration in the M-Pathways HR system.

Please contact Afrah Oudeif within the Office of Faculty Affairs with any questions about PAR entry and review.

Please contact Paul Salow for general consultation, questions, or suggestions about this faculty leadership role/administrative appointment tracking program.