Immigration Support and Compliance

The Medical School Immigration Support and Compliance team navigates the ever-changing complexities of U.S. immigration laws, policies, and procedures on behalf of Medical School faculty, and other non-Medical School faculty and managers (on request), by leveraging specialized immigration expertise in concert with and support of the University of Michigan International Center.

We support the Medical School mission by facilitating the hiring, retention, and promotion of highly-skilled foreign national clinicians, educators, and researchers, and enabling global engagement with international faculty, medical graduates, students, and scholars who participate in exchange programs, observerships, and clerkships. We safeguard consistency and accuracy in visa processing across the Medical School, ensure compliance with Medical School immigration policies, attend to all immigration-related matters on behalf of the Medical School, and work in partnership with the International Center in ensuring Medical School compliance with federal immigration laws.

All immigration matters for the Medical School are processed by the Immigration Support and Compliance team via our portal.