Third and Sixth Year Reviews

The Office of Faculty Affairs conducts a review for all assistant professors in the third and sixth years of appointment. The reviews are mandatory for Instructional track faculty. This review is separate and in addition to the faculty member's annual department review.

Reviews are conducted by Kevin Chung, M.D., Assistant Dean for Instructional Faculty.

The reviews provide an opportunity to discuss any concerns that a faculty member may have in his or her academic life and help to identify strengths or potential weaknesses. Information will also be provided about the Medical School promotion process. 

The Office of the Provost requests that any faculty track changes occur early in a faculty member's career; around the third year. This review is the appropriate time to evaluate whether a faculty member needs to change tracks.

Faculty will be contacted initially between their second and third year to coordinate the review with their respective dean.  These meetings happen throughout the academic year.  Faculty will again be contacted to set up an additional review between their fifth and sixth year if they have not been proposed for promotion.