LEO Lecturer

The lecturer title pertains to those individuals whose sole responsibility is to teach in an academic setting. Appointments of lecturers are the prerogative of the department chair or unit head, within the constraints of University appointment procedures, and must be approved by the Dean’s Office of Faculty Affairs. Appointments in this title fall under the terms and conditions set forth in the UM/LEO collective bargaining agreement.

Each appointing department shall communicate workload standards to their lecturer faculty per the requirements of the current labor agreement which can be found here: um-leo-agreement-2021-2024-final.pdf (umich.edu).  See Article XXVII found on pages 135-136.

Each school/college is required to publish the teaching professor guidelines/criteria.

For offer letter templates please utilize the templates located in the LEO Unit Resources Dropbox.  If you or your department do not have access to this folder, please contact Tim Kimmel for assistance.