Michigan Medicine Search Committee and Recruitment Toolkit

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To ensure the University of Michigan Medical School recruits faculty members from diverse backgrounds who demonstrate talent, achievement and potential in the core areas of clinical care, research, innovation, leadership, and education.


To recruit and maintain a vibrant faculty by the establishment of standardized and inclusive recruitment practices. We aim to create recruitment procedures that ensure all individuals across differences in race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, ability status and sexual orientation have an equitable opportunity to join and advance in Michigan Medicine. Michigan Medicine will work to create and maintain a climate that allows all individuals an opportunity to achieve excellence, increasing the scope of academic potential throughout the organization.


The Michigan Medicine Standard Recruitment best practices will include the strategic elements of:

  1. Faculty Recruitment Checklists for all faculty hires
  2. Submission of the checklist to Office for Health, Equity and Inclusion (OHEI) for review of all leadership positions at the level of Division Director or above
  3. Behavioral-based interview questions and standard evaluation forms tailored to recruitments across each track
  4. Focused and ongoing implicit bias training and efforts to decrease the influence of bias in faculty searches and recruitment
  5. Ongoing education, innovation, evaluation, data collection, and analysis of Standard Recruitment best practices and guidelines

We will utilize internal and external resources along with strategic measures already in place or being developed by the broad University of Michigan Diversity Equity & Inclusion initiatives and Michigan Medicine Office for Health Equity & Inclusion (OHEI). It is important to note that these intentional processes aiming to enhance recruitment of a diverse faculty workforce are an important component of a comprehensive portfolio of strategies for faculty career advancement and fulfillment.  Recruitment efforts do not stand alone and include a commitment to building and maintaining an open and inclusive academic environment.

Download the Toolkit→