Faculty Track Transfers

Department chairs make a careful match between a new faculty position and one of the Medical School's three faculty tracks: Tenure Track, Research Track, and Clinical Track.

However, a faculty member may need to change tracks as his or her interests, responsibilities, and professional activities change.

These principles apply to faculty track transfers:

  • Track appointment transfers after the initial appointment are not routine.
  • Track appointment transfers are generally made to a corresponding rank. To be considered for promotion in the new track, a faculty member must demonstrate achievement consistent with the promotion criteria for that track. Usually this will not be before 2 to 3 years after the track transfer, unless there are special circumstances.
  • Track transfers are based on a careful review of demonstrated changes in a faculty member's career needs and interests.
  • Track transfers must be approved by the Senior Associate Dean and the Provost.

Timing of Track Transfer Requests

The timing of track switches should take into consideration the outcome of the candidate's third-year review process. The appropriateness and fit of the appointed track should be clear by the time of the third year review. If, at that time, all parties wish to pursue a track switch, the request to the Senior Associate Dean should be submitted no later than the faculty member's fourth year in rank.

For those exceptional faculty cases in which, at the time of the third year review, additional time is needed due to productivity issues, a decision can be made jointly by the candidate and Chair and approved by the Senior Associate Dean to delay the candidate's tenure review and utilize the full ten year clock. In these cases, a second school review should be completed in the candidate's sixth year. If, at that time, all parties wish to pursue a track switch, the request should be submitted to the Senior Associate Dean no later than by the faculty’s seventh year in rank (within 12 months of the review). Subsequent requests for a track switch will not be considered.

How to Transfer

The requests should contain the following documents:

  1. A letter from the faculty stating why a switch is desired that is endorsed by the chair of the department(s).
  2. A current CV of the faculty member.

Transfer From: Research to Tenure Track

A Research Track to Tenure Track recommendation is not a track transfer. It's considered a new appointment.

Positions within the Tenure Track must be posted for 7 days, and a national candidate search must be conducted. Appointments to this track require a formal review of a candidate's credentials and scholarly work by the Advisory Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure and the Medical School Executive Committee. Senior-level appointments must be endorsed by the Provost, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the University President, with final approval by the Board of Regents.

A new appointment packet must be submitted to be considered for a position on the Tenure Track.