Change Management: Moving from strategy to implementation

Since the late 1980s, change management has risen to the top of the list of challenges for senior leaders. Research continues to validate the finding that 65%-70% of strategic change initiatives fail to meet their stated objectives. And particularly in this current environment with such extreme uncertainty, the need for a strong organizational capability in change management is even more critical. Many change management models exist, but a few core themes continue to arise in the myriad of frameworks. This content gives a broad overview of the most popular change frameworks, then moves quickly to easy tools to employ to improve the probability of success in change efforts. Industry examples are used to validate the tools that are introduced.

After this session participants will be able to:

• Understand the concept of “change management” and recognition of various change models
• Identify the role of judgment and critical thinking in the change process
• Understanding the need for alignment of leadership – shared vision
• Understand “Commander’s intent” in change initiatives
• Develop strategies for managing key stakeholders using models

Facilitated by: Kathy Pearson, PhD, Enterprise Learning Solutions


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