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This workshop is a two-part course; the first will be on Tuesday, September 19th, and the second on Tuesday, October 10th. Both sessions will be from 8AM - 12PM in the BSRB Seminar Rooms. Plan to attend both half-days, and to spend an additional half day between sessions working independently on ... more
“Moving QI/PS-savvy clinicians from a Quality Improvement/Patient Safety educational idea to an effective educational intervention” *This is a 5-part workshop.* Dates: Jan. 11, Jan 25, Feb. 8, Feb 22, and April 19, 2018 (workshop includes all 5 sessions) Time: 1:00 pm–5:00 pm Goal. The goal of AAMC ... more
Are you considering the use of qualitative research methods in your next project? Are you supporting a learner who is using qualitative research methods? This introductory session is for health sciences faculty who have no experience, very little experience or would like to be reacquainted with ... more
The clinical trial landscape is evolving at a rapid pace and Michigan Medicine realized we needed to transform to continue as a research leader. The Clinical Trials Support Office is thus charged to create the new knowledge needed to improve clinical care, value, and health outcomes through ... more
Finding the right researcher, clinician, or industry partner is the first step for a successful research collaboration, but it’s only half the challenge. Most failed connections are a result of a disconnect when trying to communicate the value in a partnership. This workshop will address this ... more
Get the tools you need to create a thriving work team where health and well-being contribute to success. Would you like to reinvent your work culture and create greater employee engagement? In this interactive session, you will identify the role you play in creating a work environment where others ... more
This 1-day workshop is designed to assist faculty in developing the essential leadership and management skills necessary to run a lab, start a program, or manage a center or division. This workshop will highlight topics such as: Hiring Leadership Management Diversity Communication Conflict ... more
Please join us to hear from our special guest speakers and take part in discussions invaluable to faculty development. Discover how LSA’s National Center for Institutional Diversity (NCID) is helping to enhance diversity in higher education and society from Dr. Tabbye Chavous, Director of NCID and ... more
The Medical School recognizes the variety of development tracks and opportunities for academic promotion within the Clinical track. As such, specific pathways were designed as a development tool to guide faculty who want to focus their careers in a specific direction and to help them progress ... more
These quarterly sessions are intended as a follow-up to the monthly New Faculty Orientation. Orientation gave you the information you needed on your first day. In this session, there will be specific focus on expectations for advancement and career planning. Other faculty will share their stories ... more
In this session, we will discuss the factors of professional entrustment, explore resident perceptions of autonomy and preferred learning environment, and strategies to enhance resident learning within this framework. Learning Objectives: Describe the factors affecting autonomy Outline how to ... more
This program is an accelerated 4-day immersive learning experience that draws on the participant’s 360° assessment of leadership competencies and skills. Cohort dates are listed below. The Medical School and Michigan Medicine Human Resources have partnered together to offer the Leadership Academy ... more
Strong presentation skills are a key to success for researchers and other professionals, yet many speakers are at a loss to tackle the task. Systematic as they otherwise can be in their work, they go at it intuitively or haphazardly, with much good will but seldom good results. In this talk, Dr ... more
New faculty members commonly describe: Working long hours but making little progress on their research and writing A sense of loneliness that stems from limited mentoring and community Feeling unsupported in their desire for work-family balance and without the skills to achieve it Wondering whether ... more
This program will provide faculty with a comprehensive overview of the empirical evidence for the benefits of Mindfulness Stress Reduction on health and well-being and experiences in fostering mindfulness. Participants will have the opportunity to understand foundational principles of mindfulness ... more
What clinician doesn't benefit from remembering that behind every disease is a patient with a story? Connecting to a patient's story — and ultimately to that person's humanity — helps both the patient and the clinician. One of the hallmarks of burnout is the depersonalization of the patient. ... more
This workshop will cover some of the key initiatives through which the UMMS is managing institutional data and information as an asset. In particular, we’ll briefly cover the UMMS framework for information asset management (Data Governance), artifacts that provide details on our data environment ( ... more
Many clinicians are interested in doing research, but not necessarily as their primary career aspiration. It is often difficult for faculty on the Clinical Track to get dedicated time for research, especially in the absence of grants, which are becoming increasingly harder to get. Join us for this ... more
NOTE: 10-session workshop: 9 weekly 2-hour sessions every Tuesday, beginning October 10th, plus a final 4-hour capstone session on December 12th. Problems, Problems, Problems… Many days we are frustrated by problems and barriers as we work to take care of our patients in an efficient and effective ... more
This session will present the role of sleep and fatigue in cognitive and physical performance. We will delineate the sleep and circadian 'thieves' that impair our daily functioning and discuss easily implemented behaviors to enhance sleep, energy, and performance. Facilitators: Jonathan Barkham, MD ... more
With the Joint Commission’s requirement that all patients admitted to an acute hospital have a spiritual assessment, it is important for faculty to understand how to address the spiritual needs and practices of patients. Additionally, incorporating spirituality into your development as a clinician ... more
Have you forgotten most of your stats training? Never understood it in the first place? Do you skip over the statistics sections when reading a journal article? Do you wish you could converse more effectively with your statistician? This seminar is designed for faculty who desire a reintroduction ... more
The Medical School STRIDE Committee provides information and advice about practices that will maximize the likelihood that diverse, well-qualified candidates for faculty, fellowship and residency positions will be identified, and, if selected for offers, recruited to the University of Michigan. The ... more
Burnout affects over 50% of physicians. In this session, we will offer practical evidence-based strategies to help mitigate burnout and help physicians to flourish in their personal and professional lives. Participants will practice mindfulness-based skills and explore techniques matched to their ... more
Medical school faculty negotiate constantly, not just over issues like salary, but also for lab space, authorship on research papers, and resources. This day-long negotiation workshop will equip you with a framework and set of tools designed to help faculty prepare for, and conduct effective ... more