Michigan Medicine Reflections on COVID-19

Share your story with 55 words

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We are continually looking for ways to listen to and support our faculty and staff during this difficult time. The 55 words format has become a popular and useful reflection tool; in 2000, Anne Scheetz, MD and Mary E. Fry, MD, wrote in JAMA about the 55 words format after reading World's Shortest Stories by Steve Moss, a collection of stories no longer than 55 words each (Sheetz, A and Fry, M The Stories, JAMA 2000 Vol 283(15)1934).

We invite our faculty, and all healthcare workers, to reflect on and share their current experiences during this period of uncertainty. By expressing ourselves and sharing within our collective community, we can find strength, support, and solidarity. 

If you would like to participate, please submit your reflection here. This can be completely anonymous. Full instructions can be found on the submission page.

Looking for some examples to get started? The University of Washington is also using the 55 words format; see their stories here.

Stories will be published on this page.

Reflections from the Michigan Medicine Community in 55 words or less

I took a 30-minute walk this morning in Arizona where I've been before the first COVID-19 patient was admitted to Michigan Medicine. Not safe to return home yet, but hopefully soon. It is sunny. The oleander is in full bloom with white and red flowers. The mountains are magnificent. Nature remains beautiful despite its nasty viruses.
- Kirk Brower    
“When the Corona is over we will go to the beach” my daughter declares. This confidence cuts through the uncertainty that is beginning to layer itself over almost every aspect of life. Taking a moment to hear the waves, taste the sea, and feel the sand underneath interrupts this great disruptor. This narrative is hers.
- Anonymous