Faculty Career Development

Our Mission

  • To support faculty skill acquisition in teaching, research, and leadership as well as navigating the complex organizational structures in which they practice.
  • To maintain high levels of faculty satisfaction with their professional experience at the Medical School.

Our Objectives

  • To improve faculty members' ability to achieve success in their careers while increasing their satisfaction with their professional experience at the University of Michigan.
  • To advance the recruitment and retention of high-quality faculty members by the Medical School.

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Upcoming Workshops

Next Session:
Thu, September 24, 2020
These biannual sessions are intended as a follow-up to the monthly New Faculty Orientation. Orientation gave you the information to get you started at Michigan. In this session, there will be specific focus on expectations for advancement and career planning within the research track. Other topics ... more
Next Session:
Mon, September 28, 2020
How common is identity theft? Even if you haven’t been victimized, when you hear news of another significant data breach or a friend tells you a story of an ID theft issue, you may wonder if you’re next - or if it’s something you need to worry about at all. An estimated 17 million Americans were ... more
Next Session:
Wed, September 30, 2020
This session will cover the most prominent citation metrics that junior faculty should be aware of, including H-Index, Journal Impact Factor, and alternative metrics. It will introduce tools available at U-M for accessing metrics and creating simple visualizations to support your impact statements ... more
Next Session:
Mon, October 12, 2020
Learning mindfulness methods is a great tool for those wanting to connect to a place of inner peace and calm. In these sessions, we will discuss mindfulness techniques and apply them with a 20-minute guided meditation. Each one will address a different skill but are also stand alone. Appropriate ... more
Next Session:
Tue, October 13, 2020 to Fri, October 16, 2020
Innovation, Creativity, and Adaptability in Medical Education The Symposium is a week for faculty to focus on techniques and strategies that can improve student and trainee engagement as well as their effectiveness as teachers. The complexity, instability, and uncertainty of our academic and ... more