Programs & Awards

Rudi Ansbacher Advancing Women in Academic Medicine Leadership Scholars Program

The University of Michigan Medical School’s Rudi Ansbacher Advancing Women in Academic Medicine Leadership Scholars Program is an 18-month leadership development program originally designed to accelerate the development of women for senior leadership positions in academic medicine and healthcare. It is open to all those in leadership roles who have a demonstrated commitment to supporting the advancement of women. The program will provide individuals with insights about their leadership strengths and challenges to facilitate self-awareness and opportunities for growth. This program was developed in partnership with the Office of Faculty Development, Linkage, Inc., and the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. 

Advancing Professional Excellence (APEX) Program for Mid-Career Faculty

The goal of this program is to focus on enhancing the mid-career faculty experience and provide support for them to engage in the next level of career excellence. There are a number of initiatives underway that are geared toward newly-promoted and more experienced Associate Professors.

Executive Coaching Training Program

As part of the University of Michigan’s leadership development efforts to develop diverse, multi-talented bench strength, Michigan Medicine launched an internal executive coaching certification program in May of 2013. This coaching program was designed to identify, train and certify internal faculty and administrative leaders across the enterprise to provide executive coaching services to leaders throughout the institution. By developing our own internal capacity and expanding to both Michigan Medicine and Campus, we will effectively and efficiently assist leaders to develop and strengthen effective competencies.

This training program is designed in partnership with University of Michigan Medical School and Summit Executive Advisory Group.

Exit Surveys

In order to assist the Office of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development in meeting the needs of our current and future faculty, we rolled out exit surveys for all faculty who leave the Medical School in late 2022, following a pilot. Surveys are emailed to faculty from all tracks approximately three months after they have left the institution based on data provided by Faculty Affairs. This lag between leaving and emails being sent allows time for faculty to reflect on their time at Michigan Medicine and how things are progressing in their new role. We ask that those administrators who are completing the termination paperwork provide Faculty Affairs with a forwarding email address so that we can contact the greatest number of departing faculty. 

Launch Committees

The goal of a Launch Committee is to provide advice, information and encouragement to new faculty, within a confidential and positive atmosphere. Committees will assist the launchee from the beginning of their first year as faculty at Michigan by regularly meeting with them every other month for one year.