Early Career Kickstart

New "Early Career Kick-start (Formerly How to Be Successful as a New Faculty Member)" Sessions Now by Track!

New faculty should attend these sessions 3 to 6 months after their orientation. Once the faculty member has had a few months to settle in at U-M, we provide a second session to help faculty succeed in their new role. These workshops offer track specific information/resources and also include:

Research track: Funding and grant resources; regulatory affairs; and setting up your lab

Tenure (Instructional) track: Faculty wellbeing; giving feedback; funding and grant resources; and regulatory affairs

Clinical trackOverview and discussion of clinical track pathways; faculty wellbeing; and giving feedback

If you have any questions about the differences between orientation and these sessions, or when faculty should attend, please contact us at UMMS-Faculty-Development@med.umich.edu.

"Early Career Kickstart" Testimonial

This was a very valuable ‘check in’ for new faculty. I found that a number of concerns I was starting to have were addressed by Dr. Gyetko. The day was most helpful in two ways: (1) It made me attend to what I am currently doing and what needs focus; and (2) it reminded me/introduced me to numerous resources that will support my growth.