Clinical Track


The Clinical Track began in 1986 and actively contributes to the clinical and teaching missions of the Medical School. 

Principles, Criteria, and Pathways for Clinical Track Faculty 

The following principles, criteria, and descriptions of pathways for Clinical Track faculty were approved by the Medical School Executive Committee in May 2020.

Clinical Track Faculty Context and Guiding Principles

  • Michigan Medicine/UMMS strives to be one faculty dedicated to our mission using guiding principles of teamwork, integrity, caring and innovation to achieve excellence in all that we do.
  • Respecting and valuing the contributions of all faculty is a central cultural value along with recognizing that all contributions are important to achieving Michigan Medicine’s clinical and academic missions.  
  • Every faculty member should have an annual faculty evaluation that sets short and long term goals, builds a career development plan and describes a mentoring network.
  • Academic promotion of UMMS faculty members signifies that they have made important contributions to their field or profession to improve the lives of our fellow citizens now and in the future. The rigor of the process reflects the importance that UMMS places on recognizing and rewarding academic excellence.
  • Promotions are an important, but not the sole means to recognize individual contributions; other ways include compensation, enhanced work environment, additional opportunities to participate in departmental and institutional activities, and the personal satisfaction gained from earning the respect and gratitude of fellow faculty members and leadership.

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