Executive Coaching Training Program

As part of the University of Michigan’s leadership development efforts to develop diverse, multi-talented bench strength, Michigan Medicine launched an internal executive coaching certification program in May of 2013. This coaching program was designed to identify, train and certify internal faculty and administrative leaders across the enterprise to provide executive coaching services to leaders throughout the institution. By developing our own internal capacity and expanding to both Michigan Medicine and Campus, we will effectively and efficiently assist leaders to develop and strengthen effective competencies.

This training program is designed in partnership with University of Michigan Medical School and Summit Executive Advisory Group.

Training Commitment:

  • Completion of a 5-Day In-Person Executive Coaching Certification Training
    (All sessions are mandatory to receive a certificate of completion.)
  • Attend 4 monthly virtual developmental webinars
  • Practice coaching skills in 6 meetings with an assigned pilot client (virtual or in-person based on the discretion of coach/client)
  • Participate in three 1:1 meetings with a Master Coach for coaching support and feedback (virtual or in-person based on the discretion of coach/Master Coach)
  • Culminates with the completion of a case study outlining and reflecting on your experience as a coach

The entire process will take approximately 6 months.


  • Applicant has 5 - 7 years of progressive leadership experience
    • Faculty: At an associate professor level or higher
    • Administrative: At a Director-level role or higher for at least 2 years
  • Positive history of developing others (i.e. medical learners, direct reports, clients, etc.)
  • Demonstrated experience in facilitation
  • Demonstrated experience in creating diverse, equitable and inclusive spaces for others
  • Has received coaching of their own within the last 5 -7 years
  • Support from leader to provide a minimum of 30 hours of coaching per calendar year

Important Program Dates:

  • Applications/Nominations are currently closed.

  • We ask that all applicants hold the following in-person training dates on their calendars:
    • March 13-14, 2024 (9 a.m. - 5 p.m.)
    • April 11-12, 2024 (9 a.m. - 5 p.m.)
    • May 8, 2024 (9 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

If you have any questions, please contact Allison Romanowski at hartwica@umich.edu.

For more information about Executive Coaching, view our Executive Coaching resource page.


How do I obtain an Executive Coach?

To begin the process of securing an executive coach for yourself or a member of your team, division, or department:

  • Complete the Executive Coaching Intake Form. We will be in touch shortly. We understand the sensitive nature of many of these requests; all are treated as strictly confidential.
  • A brief follow-up meeting or phone call may take place where additional information is gathered. You will then be provided the names of two internal or U-M approved external executive coaches; at this point, you will select the coach you feel is the best match for your unique situation. Informational interviews can be conducted to further assess fit.

Please Note: Payment for an external executive coach generally comes from the recipient's departmental or discretionary funds. The Office of Faculty Development does not pay for executive coaching services, unless through specialty Scholars programs. 

View External Executive Coaches → 

If you wish to use a coach who is not already approved for this service through Procurement, please contact Allison Romanowski (hartwica@umich.edu) and she will help to facilitate the process with the Procurement Office.

I’m an approved Executive Coach, how will I be matched with potential coachees?

Potential coachees will complete the Executive Coaching Intake Form, which will be reviewed by our office. A member of our staff will choose two potential coaches for the coachee to review, and ultimately, the coachee will choose the coach that they feel is the best match. Informational interviews may be conducted to further assess fit.

Coaching engagements with external coaches will be initiated by the coaching client. We do not encourage our external coaches to solicit new business opportunities with clients directly. 

If the external executive coach is listed on our website as an “Approved U-M Vendor,” the consultant/coach should create and submit a Task Order outlining the project, timeline, and agreed to fees to the department for review and the appropriate signatures prior to the start of services. Signed Task Orders should be forwarded to Procurement for assignment of a purchase order.  To find the appropriate Procurement Agent to forward to, see the Procurement website for these vendors.  Orders should be placed via ePro requisition.