Creating and Sustaining a Positive Workplace

Do you feel depleted, disappointed, or even disengaged with your work life? Have you wondered when you’ll feel more connected to yourself and others? In this session, you’ll learn how to identify, break negative habits and maintain a positive workplace while navigating the effects of continuous change.

This session provides insights into the 7 Habits of Negativity with strategies and tactics to stop gossip, increase camaraderie and develop positive workplace practices. Learn techniques for getting along with others to attain the many benefits of a positive and engaged workplace.

Workshop Objectives

  • Recognize negative habits and the impact of negative habitual behavior
  • Learn to eliminate negative contagion to improve workplace culture
  • Discover how to turn habitual reaction into thoughtful response
  • Develop a seven-step approach to share positive vision and increase job satisfaction


April Callis Birchmeier CSP, CCMP™, PMP®

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