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What You Need to Know About Information Flow in Research Writing: Editing Your Writing to Meet Reader Expectations

4 pm, June 29, 2021

We know good research writing when we see it. Skillful research writers understand their readers, guiding them through their texts so that the intended meaning is clear and reading is almost effortless. How do they do this? We may think that clarity is a matter of grammatical accuracy, but this is not enough to produce a well-written paper. Drawing on research on scientific writing, this interactive workshop will introduce you to how language and rhetorical strategies are used to guide readers through a text, to ensure that the logic is clear, and to meet reader expectations.

Effective Strategies for Self-Editing Your Manuscript

1 pm, November 16, 2021

Have you ever been frustrated with the process of editing and revising your manuscript? Have you had the sense that something wasn’t quite right, but were unsure what the issue is or how to address it? If you answered yes to these questions, join Christine Feak from the English Language Institute and Jiawei Ribaudo from Global REACH at the Medical School in this hands-on workshop on January 24, 2022, as we discuss approaches to editing and revising a manuscript.

Christine Feak
Lecturer IV, English Language Institute

Engaging with Michigan Research Experts to Find Collaborators and Manage Your Online Presence

1 pm, February 02, 2022

Michigan Research Experts (MRE) is a searchable database of researcher interests and expertise from across the University of Michigan. It includes research profiles with publications, grants, clinical trials, and more.

Workshop Objectives

In this session, attendees will learn how to use MRE to: