Research & Scholarship

Publishing the Results of Scholarly Work in Medical Education Using MedEdPORTAL

8 am to 11 am, February 28, 2017

Are you interested in learning how to submit to peer-reviewed curriculum sites such as MedEdPORTAL? MedEdPORTAL Publications is an educational material repository that was designed to serve as a prestigious peer reviewed publishing venue through which educators both receive recognition for their educational scholarship works and promote these works through worldwide dissemination.

Following the first session you will be able to:

Writing Research Grant Proposals in the New Era of Competition

8 am to 12 pm, November 03, 2017

This workshop covers writing grant proposals for all types of grants, including NIH, NSF, and foundations. It is co-sponsored by the Office of Research and is presented by Jill Jividen, PhD.

During the last 30 minutes of the presentation, the following panel of successful researchers will discuss navigating the competitive grant landscape and the review process: 

Top 5 Errors Authors Make when Writing Scientific Papers

8 am to 10 am, September 15, 2017

Join us for this workshop as Tom Annesley, PhD discusses ways to avoid the top errors that authors make when developing scientific papers including:

1.  The Introduction: Failure to set the scene for the reader

2.  The Results: Confusing data from results

3.  Figures and Tables: Difficulty reading and grasping the message

4.  The Discussion: Making a poor argument for your work

Navigating Available Institutional Data Resources

12 pm to 1 pm, September 26, 2017

This workshop will cover some of the key initiatives through which the UMMS is managing institutional data and information as an asset. In particular, we’ll briefly cover the UMMS framework for information asset management (Data Governance), artifacts that provide details on our data environment (Enterprise metadata management) and data assets that specifically support the research community (the Research Data Warehouse).

 In this workshop, participants will learn:

Agile Approaches: An Introduction to Qualitative Research

8 am to 9 am, October 04, 2017

Are you considering the use of qualitative research methods in your next project? Are you supporting a learner who is using qualitative research methods? This introductory session is for health sciences faculty who have no experience, very little experience or would like to be reacquainted with qualitative research methods.

Join us for this session facilitated by Dr. Gurjit Sandhu, Assistant Professor of Surgery and Learning Health Sciences, where the focus will be on key principles of research design, data collection and data analysis.

Attend the workshop to:

Improve Your Scientific Writing

9 am to 4 pm, July 31, 2017

The Program for Neurology Research & Discovery and the Office of Faculty Development are pleased to offer this workshop presented by Dr. Phillip Leventhal, Editor-in-Chief of Medical Writing.  

Through a combination of lecture and exercises, participants in this workshop will receive an introduction to medical and scientific writing for journals and grants including:

Part-time Research for the Busy Clinician

8 am to 9 am, March 05, 2018

Many clinicians are interested in doing research, but not necessarily as their primary career aspiration. It is often difficult for faculty on the Clinical Track to get dedicated time for research, especially in the absence of grants, which are becoming increasingly harder to get. Join us for this workshop where we will explore strategies and ideas for doing research that can closely align with your clinical field without the necessity of becoming a bench researcher. 

Facilitated by Peter Farrehi, M.D., Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine

Communicating the Value of Your Research to a Broad Audience

11 am to 1 pm, November 09, 2017

Finding the right researcher, clinician, or industry partner is the first step for a successful research collaboration, but it’s only half the challenge. Most failed connections are a result of a disconnect when trying to communicate the value in a partnership. This workshop will address this challenge by teaching the importance of value propositions and communicating research in a way that makes it compelling for every audience.