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The ADVANCE Program focuses on four areas relevant to the success of a diverse and excellent faculty: recruitment, retention, climate, and leadership development. Together, these encompass not only multiple stages of faculty careers but also multiple mechanisms by which faculty diversity and excellence at U-M are enhanced. The strategies we use to address our goals can be broadly categorized as: research and evaluation; knowledge and skill development; community building; and resources and support.

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Innovation Partnerships

Formerly Tech Transfer, Innovation Partnerships is a unit of the Office of the Vice President for Research that provides service to U-M faculty by serving as the primary gateway for researchers seeking to increase the impact of their work by connecting with the private sector — whether this be through corporate-sponsored research collaborations, licensing discussions, or connections with entrepreneurs and investors to support startup company formation. 

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Parking & Transportation

The University of Michigan campus can feel like a complicated place for a new faculty member. We have broken down parking, taking the bus, and finding accessible transportation on our Parking & Transportation page.

U-M Acronym Decoder

The University of Michigan uses a plethora of acronyms for buildings, programs, etc. You can search any acronym by using the U-M Acronym Decoder.

University of Michigan Libraries

Find support for all phases of your research, from access to materials to help finding funding, managing your data, and sharing and preserving your work.

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