Resources for Large-Scale Grants



If you are you a mid-career faculty member, obtaining a network-level grant (eg, NIH U- or P-series grant) is a great way to advance your research career. Network-level grants create leapfrog advancements in funding and embed you in a cross-disciplinary community where you can tackle complex research questions using a synergistic team approach. By pursuing network-level grants, you can create an overarching research vision that will have long-term impact; expand your scientific network to mobilize siloed research efforts; and hone your management skills to position yourself for additional leadership roles.

The Medical School Office of Research will provide planning and preparation grants of up to $10,000 to facilitate the submission of large, multi-investigator research proposals.  The funds (available only to those employed by the Medical School) may be utilized to offset the costs of hiring expert consultants; assembling and hosting brain storming sessions; paying reviewers; or hiring temporary incremental secretarial, administrative, and/or expert services required to assemble and submit large proposals.  Click here for more information.

The Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research (MICHR) has a cadre of resources that can help you (no matter where you work on campus) transition your individual grant (eg, NIH R01) successes into competitive network-level grant submissions.

Education: MICHR hosts roundtable presentations/discussions that provide an introduction to large-scale proposals, tips for developing the grant and research team, and access to MICHR services that can help you create a compelling large-scale proposal. Contact us if you want MICHR to host a roundtable with your group.

Financial: MICHR’s $100,000 Accelerating Synergy Awards aim to promote impactful interdisciplinary research and to provide faculty with the foundation for developing a competitive external large-scale proposal. More information about the Accelerating Synergy Award can be found here.

Strategy Input: MICHR offers free in-person consultations with faculty grant experts who can help you refine hypotheses, specific aims, study design and biostatistics; delineate cores and projects for your large-scale proposal, and connect you with collaborators. Visit here to request a consultation meeting.

Project Management: MICHR’s project managers can develop timelines, schedules and communication plans; track deliverables when multiple research sites are involved, and coordinate initiation meetings with relevant MICHR groups. To learn more about project management support, contact us.

Administrative: MICHR can organize and schedule meetings for your proposal team to gather for brainstorming and writing sessions. Contact us to learn more about this service.

Grant Editing: MICHR’s grant editor can polish your proposal prior to submission by ensuring logic, flow and clarity of ideas; creating cohesiveness across all cores and projects; and identifying red flags. To learn more or to schedule editing assistance, visit here.