Enhancing Faculty Professionalism

This workshop is open to faculty and administrative leaders.

This session is intended to provide information and resources to department, division, center, and administrative leaders who are charged with addressing and remediating unprofessional behavior among their faculty members. Policies, approaches, avenues, and resources available to enhance professional behavior at the unit and Medical School level will be discussed. Examples will be provided of how to address different kinds of behavior depending upon if patients or other staff are involved.
Real-life cases will be reviewed during the session with the opportunity for table groups to review a case study and discuss how they would handle it if it happened in their department. The session will end with a debrief from the various tables and other suggestions from the facilitators and/or other faculty will be offered. 

This program is highly interactive and includes small group breakout sessions.

Workshop Objectives

  1. Outline various resources available to assist in addressing unprofessional behavior in faculty
  2. Determine when it is appropriate to escalate concerns within your department
  3. Describe various methods for addressing faculty unprofessional behavior in your department
  4. Determine best practices for assisting faculty to overcome barriers preventing them from exemplifying professional demeanor


Brian Zink, M.D.
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Faculty Development
Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine
Marie Lozon, M.D.
Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine
Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Chief of Staff, Michigan Medicine

If you are a person with a disability who requires an accommodation to attend this workshop, or have questions about accessibility, please contact us at UMMS-Faculty-Development@med.umich.edu.

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12:00 PM to 2:00 PM Tue, June 4, 2024
NCRC Building 10, South Atrium
Lunch served